Know The Difference Between Filter Bags And Pleated Elements

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Filter bags and pleated elements use the latest filter technology and act as efficient dust collectors. If you are not sure whether you should use filter bags or pleated elements, know the benefits offered by both the filters before choosing the most suitable one.

Type Of Filter Media You Need

There are numerous factors you should take into consideration if you want to know which filter media will suit your needs the best. Two prime things which will impact your decision is the application of the filter and the type of dust collector installed in your industry. There are a few applications where you can use standard bags for better results. Get in touch with a renowned supplier of Filter cages and they will let you know which type of filter will suit your needs depending on your operations and guidelines.

Filter bag

3 Benefits Of Using Filter Bags Instead Of Pleated Elements

  • Affordable

One of the main reasons why numerous business owners still prefer using standard filter bags in the dust collection system is because they are available at a lower price than pleated filters. Every industrial plant requires various equipment and parts which can increase the amount spend. There are even a few industries with numerous dust collection systems installed. They need numerous filter bags. If you want to maximise your savings, use filter cloth or bags instead of pleated elements.


  • Few Application Require Bags

There are a few applications and environments where using pleated elements won’t be a wise choice. Though being quite advanced, they are not suitable for all applications and environment. For example, you can’t use them in systems which generate moisture. The best alternative is a filter bag. You can rest assured that dust won’t stick inside the bag and clog them.


  • More Popular

Since pleated elements are relatively new than filter bags, the latter is more commonly used in various industries scattered all over India. Even when you want to replace them, you will come across numerous suppliers to choose from. Your employees have to follow a standard procedure when replacing an old filter bag or cage. You can also hire a specialised team to take care of the dust collection system. They will let you know the right time to replace the filter bags.

These being said, you now know why you should use filter bags instead of pleated elements for dust collection.

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