Air Slide Canvas – Important Facts, Uses and Benefits

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Air slide canvas, commonly known as air slide cloth, air slide canvas and air slide membrane, is a form of permeable fabric used in bins for easy conveyance of bulk amounts of dry powder. The industries conveying cement-like substances generally prefer using the air slide canvas. With the help of this canvas, the dry powdery substances can be easily conveyed.

What are the uses of air slide canvases in industries?

Air slide canvases are used for a variety of purposes. Some of them are as follows:

  • They are used by power stations for transporting ashes, filtered dust and coal dust.
  • They are commonly used in silos that are placed in the mixing equipment and homogenising systems.
  • They are also a common choice for all types of industries dealing in construction projects like gypsum, calcium hydroxide, cement, limestone lead monoxide, quartz and others.
  • They are also used in chemical industries to transport chemicals like sodium sulphate, rubber dust and soap components.

What are the benefits of using an air slide canvas?

Industries dealing in powdery substances find using air slide canvas useful because it is smooth, and the powders are transported without deformation. Moreover, the powders do not form a cake when poured into the air slide canvas. The air slide canvas can be easily used without much maintenance, and the fabric is resistant to all abrasion.

Moreover, the best part of these canvases is that they do not absorb any moisture and are resistant to rotting and decomposition. Moreover, it is resistant to all types of wear and tear and is an ideal choice for industries.

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