Knowing the Basic of Bag and Cartridge Filter In A Nutshell

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Industrial filters are specifically used for cleaning and treating industrial oils along with lubricants, gases, and water. As it comes to industrial filtration there are quite a few things to note while working out with overall industrial grade liquids. These include the ranks of bag filters along with cartridge filters.

However, the final choice is all about adopting the latest filtration technologies that are tailored to meet the needs and preferences that the end-user requires. It has been cited by experts of filter sleeves that both bag and cartridge filters are tailored to meet operational costs.

It is perfect for offering removable media and the final decision is completely based on application. It is because each of the media has some advantages as well as disadvantages. Read on this article to learn which filter is best for the desired purpose.

Filter cloth

Bag Filter

Bag filter is ideally the superlative choice for numerous industrial applications. The bag filter has numerous range of filtration medium that is based on positive applications. This generally includes the franks of activated carbons along with needle felt.

  • Not to forget the use of monofilament mesh.
  • It can be operated by trapping particular waste solids that are placed right at the interior of the bag and is, of course, affordable when it comes to industrial filtration.
  • Though, one must note that bag filters have the miniature surfaced area as compared to cartridge filter.
  • The affordable choice options are an effective approach, where the entire cost of self-cleaning is not at all to be justified.
  • If you are considering more advantages, then the bag filtration system is best as it produces a lesser amount of waste than that of cartridge filters.
  • It makes them perfect choices for application the end-users are in want to decrease the quantity of complete waste.

Cartridge Filter

Individuals and experts dealing with filter cloth have expressed their positivity on cartridge filters. They feel the filter is capable of capturing solid contaminants right at the outer surface of filter media. In executing the said plan the strain runs the overall system right from reasonably priced bond unit to more high-priced and approachable models. They are made from a variety of high aptitude pleated type of media.



It is used in numerous functions, where sub-micron filtration is highly in use. It can be applied in the beverage and food production industry. It can also be applied element and paint plants where acid filtrations are highly in requirement. It has been witnessed that the cartridge filters are extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry where pure water is highly in demand.

In this article, we have tried and elaborated on both two basic filters that are industrially used in quantum. Right at the end, we would like to mention make sure the Filter cages in both the possessions run in tandem.

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