5 Benefits of Using Minimesh Filter Cloth for Industrial Filtration Purpose

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Industrial filter bags use two types of mesh filters, namely square mesh and minimesh filter cloth. Out of the two filter cloths, minimesh is used in situations where the machines are under tremendous pressure to remove the dirt from the mixtures. Mini mesh is commonly used in filter bags where materials like paper, plastic, or stainless steel do not hold good. It is majorly used in a wide variety of applications like filtration, fluidizing, drying and screening.

This type of filter cloth is preferable by many companies because they have a huge list of benefits. Filter bag supplier manufacturers use multilayers on the minimesh to strengthen the filter cloth.

What are the Benefits of Using Mini Mesh?

Easy to Clean

Mini mesh filter cloths are easy to clean. Hence, you don’t need to waste time cleaning and to maintain the same. Moreover, the material is not fragile; hence you can easily back clean the same flush without damaging the quality of the mesh. This type of cleaning process is not possible in case you use any other type of filter bag.

Highly Durable

Mini mesh is made of stainless steel. Thus the minimesh is a durable option for filter bags. The inclusion of stainless steel makes minimesh strong enough to withstand the pressure of the filtration system. Moreover, these types of bags are resistant to harmful chemicals and high temperatures. Hence, it is a good option to use them as filter cloth materials.

Filter sleeves

Reliable and Affordable

Since minimesh is a durable and reliable option for industrial filtration, companies are not required to replace the same frequently. Thus, filter bags are an affordable option for the industries. It’s a one time purchase. Once purchased, you can easily continue using the same without much investment for a long time.

Low Blinding Options

In the majority of filter bags, the particles get stuck in the openings of the mesh. This delays the manufacturing process. Mini mesh filter cloth helps in getting rid of this problem. This is a common problem that many companies face with industrial filtration. However, the way minimesh is woven creates fewer blinding options. When you use minimesh over any other filter materials, the flow rate of materials increases. This filter option stops the building up process.

Consistent and Accurate

The minimesh filter material is generally geometric in shape and is consistent in size. Hence, the shape and size of this filter are more accurate than paper, plastic and metal filters. Thus, it creates a level of consistency and accuracy when using this mesh for filtration purposes.

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