What are the common advantages of different kinds of Bag Filters?

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Facilities like bakeries and carpentry shops deal with dust pollutants. They have to do this daily. Unfortunately, these dust particles can cause various illnesses. These are harmful to the health of the workers. And thus, the importance of the dust extraction system comes into play. The key purpose of the system is to extract dust particles. It also filtrates the same and returns pollutant-free air.

Types of dust extractor filter

Mainly two types of dust extractor filters are used in these systems – dust extractor filter bags and cartridge air filters. According to a leading filter bag manufacturer, both have their pros and cons. As an informed buyer, you should have an overall idea about the filters. This will help you make a wise buying decision.

Cartridge filters

These filters are cylindrical. Certain types of casing are there to house the filter media. As the air passes through the media, dust particles are captured in the fibres. Two kinds of dust filter cartridges are there – surface filter and depth filter.

  • Surface filters – These filters capture the particles and pollutants at the surface of the media. Further, the system doesn’t allow them to travel through. But if the surface is blocked with the particles, it restricts proper airflow. The filters then start malfunctioning and then damage the entire system. Therefore, replace the filters often.
  • Depth filters–Particles can pass through the media of these filters. The layers of the filter become denser gradually. They capture even finer pollutants deep within the media. These filters have a longer active life. They don’t have to be swapped, unlike surface filters.

Filter cloth

Dust extractor filter bags

Bag filters are mostly used in HVAC systems. They are being fitted in the exhaust system as well as a fresh air intake system. This positioning is meant to protect the air handling units from pollutants. The baghouses consist of synthetic media to ensure maximum efficacy. It also ensures minimal air resistance.

Fabrics used for making bag filters

  • Antistatic
  • Standard Polyester
  • Nomex
  • Universal Chemical Finish

Benefits of cartridge filter

Cartridge filters feature simple maintenance. This is the main benefit of these filters. They have their self-cleaning version as well. This version removes the pollutants automatically through the counter flow. But even if you can’t afford this, you can stay with the simple version. This version is also very easy to clean. You can replace them easily.

Benefits of dust extractor filter bags

Bag filters are preferred by commercial units which generate huge quality of dust particles continuously. Get your requirements from any of the dependable industrial filter bags suppliersThe bag moves within the baghouse. And this movement helps to remove dust built up on the filter surface. The filter bags ensure optimal airflow. Bag filters are more durable than their cartridge filter version. They are better in terms of dealing with abrasive dust pollutants. As a result, they don’t need frequent cleaning. You can replace them after a long period. However, the interval depends on the amount of abuse the filters are being put through.

These are the prominent benefits of both cartridge filter and dust extractor filter bags. Now, choose one as per your need.

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