Why should you change existing Dust Collector Filter Bags?

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Well, replacing the filter cartridge of the dust collector or the filter of the baghouse early is a costly proposition. Besides, it takes a significant amount of maintenance time that you could otherwise spend on other important jobs. On the other hand, changing the filter too late causes the risk of workers’ exposure to hazardous dust. It may also cause explosions and fires. Moreover, as the filter becomes clogged, the energy cost for the compressed air essential for running the system also rises. So, you need to identify the right time that is neither too late nor too early for the replacement of the filter bags.

Things that indicate the requirement of Filter Bag Replacement

The key indicators may be categorized into three categories. Let’s have a quick look at them.

Filter cloth

  • Filter Damage–If the dust streams out from the exhaust of the collector or builds up in the clean-air plenum, you should change the filter. It is the most prominent sign of a damaged filter. Similarly, if there is a rapid drop in the differential pressure, then also the replacement of the filter is necessary. While changing the system, don’t forget to add a broken-bag sensor. Apart from explosion and fire, moisture and excess heat can also damage the filter bag fabrics like aramid or polyester. The damage happens through a process namely hydrolysis. During this chemical reaction, water reacts with the filter bags’ fibres and damages the same severely. The bags then lose their dimensional stability. It can’t collect the dust properly anymore. Overpulsing damaged cages, and abrasive dust can also cause mechanical wear to the filter bags.
  • Filter Blinding – This is another important reason to change the filters. This indicates that the bag is on the verge of losing its active life. The bag is loaded with dust that can’t be removed with a periodical cleaning cycle. As a result, it will fail to manage essential airflow levels. New filters feature a low differential pressure between the dirty side and the clean side. But as the tool approaches the end of life, the differential pressure increases rapidly. The duration of the active filter life depends on different factors. The kind of dust it deals with, the chemical composition of the gas stream, operation condition, and humidity are some of those factors. If you’re not sure about the replacement time of the filter bag or the type of filter clothconsult a dust collection specialist. Share the condition of the site as well as important information related to the application.
  • Wrong Filter Media – People often select the filter depending on the cost of the same. But they should make the choice depending on the filter media type. Not every media will suit your application. The filter media you choose might not have the right chemical rating or temperature for the application. Also, the wrong size of the third-party bag can disrupt the optimal functionality. This being the case, the filter will cause problems quite fast. Check if dust emerges from the stack.

Considering all the categories mentioned above, you should choose the right filter cage manufacturer that suggest the filter and filter media suitable for your application. The suggestion will be based on fabric filter features, filter media type, the chemical closeness of the fabrics, and the finish of the filter bags.

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