Change That Industrial Baghouse Filter For Safety’s Sake

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What’s a Baghouse? Baghouse is a piece of dedicated equipment for air pollution which separates the polluting particles from the air. Baghouses are a crucial addition to the manufacturing units because they keep the surrounding area of the facility clean. They boost the exhaust processes of harmful contaminants, specks of dust and gases, ensuring their levels to be maintained as per the compliance of the governments. If not installed, Baghouses can, unfortunately, pass through the nose and throat system, thereby causing severe health effects for the respiratory functioning.

Introducing Filter Cages

Every Baghouse comes with a necessary attachment called filter cage. These are considered to be the dust collectors. This structure is essential because once the enclosure gets damaged, it may cause an unfortunate failure of the bag that can lead to a disaster. Some common reasons for filter cage damage are:

  • Sharp edges
  • Corrosion
  • Broken stringers
  • Abrasion

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How Many Types Of Filter Cages Are There?

There are many types of filter bag cages that are built as per the industry standard compliance. The most predominant filter cage types are:

  • Split cages that have two parts – a key headroom and air plenum. They are used in pulsejet baghouse.
  • Spider cages are used as the most common ones that are also used in pulsejet baghouse. These offer extra space for accumulating the filter dust, thus strengthening the effectiveness of baghouse filters.
  • Flat cages are found in many kinds and in a plethora of designs that have dedicated utilities for pulse jet baghouse filters. This cage is mainly used in the cement manufacturing units and FMCG manufacturing facilities. Highest OEM standards are followed while designing and creating these cages for suiting various pulse jet configurations.
  • Round cages have bottom and top caps. They are also available with bent filter, star filter and venturi.

Why Is Reusing Damaged Baghouse Filter Cages Detrimental?

Minor rips or holes in the cage can raise the emission limits to a great extent. In many manufacturing facilities, even a little spike in the emission level becomes a piece of reportable news because contaminants can cause severe effects on the operators’ health if the situation is not controlled.

Cage damages also have the potential to cause plant-wise issues that can result in a sudden shutdown, which again comes with other significant challenges like halted production, less revenue and growth challenges.

It is better not to use the already broken or damaged baghouse filters for the sake of the people’s health who are working in the plants. One wrong moment of negligence can cost several lives.

Choose The Best Filter Cages

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