How to Extend Active Life of Filter Cage and Make it Work Perfectly

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If you are using a filter cage equipped with high dust load application, you surely know that the costs of maintenance of such bags are quite high. Also, they might need frequent replacement. Enhancing the working life of the cages is undoubtedly an informed decision. But how would you ensure longer life for these filtration products? Worry not! There are ways to make the products last longer.

Filter cages are the major element to determine the effectiveness regarding dust removal. It also plays essential role deciding the working temperature of the bags. Usually any reputable filter cage manufacturer depends on superior quality woven fabrics and felts. They sew the fabrics properly together according to the requirement of the clients. But over time, with heavy dust collection, the cages become worn and torn, and thus they need to be replaced. This often makes the operating costs higher.

Filter cage manufacturer

Here are some useful tips to extend the life of these products while reducing the operating costs, eventually.

  • Choose the Right Filter – The choice of filter makes a huge difference in respect of longevity of the product. Choose the filter media depending on its chemical traits as well as gas temperature. Besides, you should also consider factors such as size, shape, particle weight, emission concentration, operating system of the bag and cleaning method.


  • Opt for a Realistic Structure Design – It is optimally important that the structure of your chosen bag meets strict criteria of the fitter. The dust removal characteristic of the cage filter should match with the product’s structure. Make sure your chosen product is easy to install as well. The filter cage should coordinate with other relevant parts of the system as well. It is highly required to ensure proper and best functioning of the entire system.


  • Focus on Outstanding Sewing Technique – This is another important thing to consider in order to extending the active life of the filter cages. And to do that you need to ensure that sophisticated technology has been used to manufacture the bag. The sewing size should fulfill design requirements. Size of heat shrinkage is to be reserved according to the filter type. The product should be free from any sort of broken stitches while having reasonable stitch length to meet the criteria determined for stitching. You also should ensure that only premium quality accessories are being used for the production of the bags. The dust bag must be free from any sort of damages. Also, the bag needs to be free from any type of defect such as pinholes, stains and skipping yarns. It must come with proper packaging. It must not be damaged during transportation.

It is quite possible that you are not aware of everything related to selection of the right filter cages. And thus you need to get professional help, especially if you are looking for availing exemplary benefits of the superior quality filter cages. Choose a reputable filter cage manufacturer. They are the right people to help you with your requirement.


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