A Few notes about Filter Cages for Dust Collectors

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Perfectly designed and created filter cages are a must for the best performance expected from a filter bag. Such cages are available in different types like circular, flat or oval panels to fit different makes and models of baghouse. Apart from the standard designs, customized designs are also available in the market offered by different manufactures. Whether you want to use it for new installation or replacement, you can find one as per your need.

Typical Design

Filter cage constructions usually consist of 10, 12 or 20 vertical wires. The thickness of the wires differs from device to device. There is a horizontal spacing on the cage that can be of 150 cm, 175 cm or of any other value depending on the requirement. Sometimes the plenum height restrictions can be problematic. To resolve the issue, there are two piece cages available in the market in fingers or twist-lock styles. To protect the devices from potential risk of acid or moisture corrosion, filter cages are made of a wide range of acid and/or moisture resistant materials include galvanized or stainless steel that are often denoted as MS, SS 304, SS and 316L.

Filter cages


Types of Filter Cages

As already mentioned, there are a wide array of superior quality filter bag cages strictly complying with the industry standard. Filter cages, filter sleeves etc. are simply the nucleus of the air pollution industry. Let’s have a quick look at different types of filter cages.

  • Flat Filter Cages – Different types of flat filter cages of different designs are used for the purpose of pulse jet bag filter. This type of cages is most preferred among industry likely food and cement. Manufacturers craft the cages following highest OEM standards to suit various pulse jet configuration.


  • Round Filter Cages – This is another common variety of filter cages. These cages come with top and bottom caps. Cages with venturi, star filter cage, bended filter cage are also available.


  • Spider Filter Cages – This type of cages are typically used in pulse jet baghouse. This is a new style of cage which offers extended space for collection of filter bag dust and ensuring enhanced efficacy.


  • Split Filter Cages – This type of filter cages are also used in pulse jet baghouse. They are also known as two piece cages with key headroom in the air plenum.

Importance of Filter Cage

Filter cages form an important part of baghouse dust collector. If this cage becomes damaged, it many cause premature bag failure.  Abrasion, broken stringers, corrosion or sharp edges can damage it.

Whether it’s Filter cloth, filter cage or anything else, these are a few things to know about before placing your order. Choose the right manufacture to order for the cages as per your requirements.

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