Why do Filter Bags fail to be Functional Longer?

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The most irksome thing about baghouse design and filter cages is they are often designed smaller than what is actually needed for. An undersized baghouse easily allows too much air getting through filters. Just consider cleaning a huge pile of dust with a handheld domestic vaccum. The filters will automatically and obviously clog and that will lead to premature filters failing.

Another common issue with its volume is the size of the dirt evacuation system. If the system is not large enough to carry out the application, it won’t work properly. Inadequate size would allow air to get back into the hopper. And if the air flows back, it may cause the bags to wear prematurely.

This is how the inlet design distributes and manages airflow. In case, a poorly designed inlet is used for collecting dust, the airflow would cause buildup in the baghouse area. The buildup may add huge amount of dust to cling to filter bags and that may require the bags to be replaced.

Filter cages

Filter bags

There are three key things that must be taken care of while selecting a filter and those are chemical, heat and moisture content of the air stream. Keeping these as well as the things in the air to be flown through the filters helps you choose the right bags for dust collector.

Operation Procedure

During operation of the baghouse, the overall temperature of the operation must be taken care of. As told by a leading filter cage manufacturer, if the temperature reaches a high level, the filter bags can start degrading due to the heat. To ensure proper operation, maintaining proper cleaning cycle is a must. Filter bags are made from fabric and like any fabric, the more it is cleaned, the faster it will be worn down. Like, if you wash your pair of jeans too often, it will be easily worn out. The buildup formation taking place on the filter bags is mostly moisture related. If high moisture or oil gets into the baghouse, they will surely cause the dust to build up on the filter. And this dust accumulation caused by moisture can’t be eliminated from the bags. And the only solution you are left with is the replacement of the bags.


It is utmost important to have a stable and consistent maintenance routine for the baghouse to ensure prolonged use of the collector as well as the filter bags. This would also help you avoid frequent replacement of the bags and other parts within dust collector.


This step must be properly taken care of. Stepping on the bags when working may dislodge snap-band seal. And that dislodged seal may cause the bag to fail upon being pulsed. This is quite common. So make sure you are vigilant about installation. Improper alignment of the blow pipes is another major installation issue. In case the pipe is a bit turned, pulse holes won’t line up over filter bag made up of fabrics like Airslide fabric. And as the pulsing sequence starts, the air hits at an angle and eventually wears down the filter bag.

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