Enhance Your Knowledge About Filter Cages Before Approaching A Manufacturer

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Though there are numerous equipment to filter air in big industries, the most preferred appliance in the field of filter technology is the filter cage or bags. If you want to ensure that a filter technology is the best for your industries, enhancing your knowledge about them and knowing all their benefits will help you make a more informed decision.

Why Are They Necessary?

In industries, filter cages, air slide canvas and filter sleeves are generally used to take out dust and waste from specific applications at the most affordable prices. There are various filter cage options for industries to choose from. They need to consider the application and the type of dust they are willing to collect. In some of the applications, these cages are the only option to collect dust. If you are confused about which filter cage will suit your appliance the best, have a talk with the manufacturer.

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5 Benefits Of Using Filter Cages

  • Common

Though there are numerous filtration equipment for industries to choose from, filter cages are still considered as one of the most common equipment for dust collection. This is primarily because changing them is quite easy and companies don’t have to maintain a separate crew to take care of the equipment.

  • Low Cost

Fit a filter cage in the dust collection system and you will realise that the amount you have to pay for one cage is a lot cheaper than those traditional pleated filters. Moreover, a majority of the filter equipment have various parts which increase the bill even further. If your industry needs more than one dust collection system, compare their initial cost with your future savings.

  • Necessary For Certain Appliances

Few of the filters are not conductive in systems and this can easily lead to moisture creation. If you want to assess the type of dust you are collecting, just take a handful of them and try to create a ball. If you can do so, it is a sign indicating that filters with pleated cartridges might not efficiently work with your system as the dust will stick in the pleats and block them.

  • Durability

Just approach a renowned filter cage manufacturer and you can stay assured that material used to construct them is suitable to handle a lot of wear and tear. Experienced manufacturers are aware of the fact that these filters have to work in an abrasive environment for industries like silica, cement, sand and asphalt. Their length is also determined after assessing whether high-speed dust will be entering the collector.

  • Customised

It is always advisable to approach a filter cage manufacturer offering customised products. They should use woven fabrics and high-quality felts to sew the filter cages in such a way so that they can meet the exact dimensional standards and specific requirements of their clients. They even try to minimise the defects and mistakes.

Since there are so many advantages of using filter cages in your industries, it’s time you start looking for a reliable manufacturer offering the equipment at affordable prices.

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