Keep Your Surroundings Healthy With Filter Cage Air Filters

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Everyone residing in India knows how important it has become for us to keep the air we breathe in smoke-free. The best way to get this task done is by installation air filters. Not only do they keep the dust present in the air away but also prevents the circulation of allergens and keeps our family members safe.  According to a survey conducted recently, the right filter cage can help a great deal in reducing allergy symptoms and improves the comfort of your house. Though you can choose from numerous manufacturers, enhancing your knowledge about the various types of air filters available in the market will help you make a wise choice.

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5 Types Of Air Filters You Can Choose From For Your Residential And Commercial Property

  • HEPA

These filters are quite popular as they are being used for decades. When air is made to pass through them, the filters collect the airborne particles. Their technology also helps in removing dust mite residue, pollen, mold, pet dander and bacteria from the airflow. Though you can find the HEPA filters in commercial HVAC system, they are not very common and incapable of capturing chemical-related fumes or smoke.


  • Filter Sleeves

The filter sleeves are specifically designed to remove dust from various industrial gases Not only do they help in better dust release but also captures high-value dust like gold, titanium and silver, to name a few. Approach a reliable manufacturer offering filter bags in various specifications as far as their air permeability, thickness, stability, sizes and fabric ranges are concerned.

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  • UV Filters

As the name suggests, ultraviolet light is used by these filters to kill any sort of allergen found in the air or on surfaces. You can even use the purifiers if you are willing to remove yeast, mold, viruses and bacteria from the environment surrounding us. But if you are willing to get rid of the dust and dander as well, you need both UV filters and HEPA filters.


  • Filter Cages

The custom designed dust collector filter cages have gained much popularity in the last few years. They are widely used in numerous bag houses and are traditionally constructed using low carbon steel or stainless steel. Try to approach a filter cage manufacturer offering cages made out of GI/MS/SS in different wire diameters using automatic cage welding machines. They are available in various sizes and are easy to handle at the site.


  • Ionic Filters

Though sliding these filters into the air handler isn’t possible, you can use them if you are willing to improve the quality of air. Standalone ionic filters are generally used by homeowners to keep the number of irritants and allergens in the air under control. They even help in removing viruses, chemical fumes and second-hand fumes. Negative ions are used to attract harmful particulates.

Since you are now aware of the common air filters available in the market, it’s time for you to choose the best among them and approach a reliable manufacturer in India.

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