Need Quality Filter Bags? 4 Useful Tips To Make The Right Choice

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Do you wish to purify the gas released from commercial processes? Seeking air pollution control devices which can remove particulates out of the air? Buying a suitable dust filter bag can be the most informed decision.

A high-efficiency dust filter bag can address a range of applications which require removal of particulates out of air or gas that’s released from combustion for the generation of electricity. Made from premium quality felt, these bags are sewed to meet the exact dimensional standards and specific industrial requirements of various industries. However, it is only when you choose a renowned filter cage manufacturer can you be assured of the excellent performance and efficiency you desire.

But, are you wondering how to find products which perfectly meet your specific requirements? Keep reading.

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Few Useful Tips To Help You Choose High-Quality Filter Bags

  1. Consider The Fabrics

When it comes to selecting a dust filter bag, checking the fabric used is a primary consideration. Though a number of fabrics are used in the manufacturing of industrial filter bag cages, felt bags with woven fabrics are the most common variety in use. These sophisticated products are known for providing great chemical resistance to organic acids, mineral acids, organic solvents, alkalis and micro-organisms at high temperatures.

  1. Think About The Nature Of Dust

Analyse the dust properties and the filtered gas. Once you get the analysis results, start looking for industrial filter bags which are ideal for purifying the air and filtering the dust. You need to ensure that the design of the dust collector meets the performance of the filter bag. Simultaneously, you should even consider the design of the pre-dusting devices, gas cooling devices and other supplementary equipment.

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  1. Keep In Mind The Construction

Some prefer using a sewn bag for the supposed assurance that these bags are mechanically more secured. However, a primary concern with a sewn seam bag is the tiny holes made by the needle which sews the product. If these holes are bigger than the micron rating of the product, they can allow unwanted materials to by-pass it.

Welded construction products, on the other hand, have the fabric fused together to secure the sealing ring and form the bag. Since there are no sewn holes in these bags, no unwanted particle can by-pass. While some people may worry about the strength of a welded seam, the truth is that with the use of the latest fabric welding technology, you can be assured of their potency.

  1. Check The Micron Ratings

Almost every dust filter bag has that which is known as “nominal” rating. This means that the sophisticated product will allow the by-pass of a certain percentage of particles which are larger than the micron ratings. However, this will not be a problem since the proper product size is determined by testing different micron ratings. And, to ensure that the gas is purified, look for filter sleeves bags which have the ability to stop most particles.

So what are you still waiting for? It’s time to choose a leading manufacturer who specialises in offering high-quality filter bags!

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